FindNPE manage null pointer contracts for Java/Eclipse programmers
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I get new error messages which was not there before:
         The type %x% cannot be resolved. It is indirectly referenced from required .class files

FindNPE requires to evaluate annotations from super classes of a referenced class. For this reason, the superclass must be in the build path of the project. To achieve this, you have to add a dependency to the project or plugin which contains this class file.

I get the error message :
         The import findnpe cannot be resolved

You try to import one of the three annotations CanBeNull, NonNull or NonNullByDefault, but they are unknown to the Java compiler. As normal Java classes, annotations must be on the build path. For this reason, download findnpe.annotations.jar, copy it to your Java project e.g. in its root folder and choose "Add to build path" from the context menu.